About Lydia Prakel

After graduating from Capital University in Columbus, OH with a bachelor’s degree in art therapy and psychology, and a minor in studio art, I ultimately decided that while art therapy is fascinating and important to healing, my true passion lies within focusing on my art and teaching. In the fall of 2019, I am set to begin a graduate program to earn my MFA at the Columbus College of Art and Design. I am elated to begin learning and improving when it comes to my work, and ultimately will enable me to teach at the college level. My desire to teach derives from my experiences growing up and finding my craft. I had two incredibly influential art educators, one in high school, and one at Capital. The way they taught and invested into their students’lives and growth as artists impacted me in ways that I to this day am still learning, and instilled in me the wish to do so the same for students. 

Over the years, my work has grown, but has always been non-representational in nature. Concepts derive from human emotion, mental health, identity, the LGBTQ+ community specifically, and memories. The foundation of my work is the expression of personal experiences, but it encourages and pushes me just as much when a viewer responds and interprets it to their own extent and perception. 

Currently, while in between school, I have moved to Tampa, Florida to push myself as an individual and challenge my comfort zone. Here, I am motivated to continue painting while absorbing my new surroundings, while also maintaining my connections and commission relationships in Columbus. 

It is my joy to continue my work. I happily sell the work I have previously finished as well as accept commissions and/or specific requests. Feel free to take a look at my available paintings here. Pricing and sizes are detailed when you click on the specific painting. I additionally find displaying my work to be a crucial part of the artistic process, therefore, any opportunities regarding different shows or exhibitions will always interest me. To get in contact with me about these possibilities, you can simply email me at lydprakel@gmail.com or fill out the form below, which is directly sent to me as well.