About Lydia Prakel

In May 2018, I graduated from Capital University in Columbus, OH with a bachelor’s degree in art therapy and psychology, and a minor in studio art. Throughout my time studying, I was intent on simultaneously developing my skills and portfolio as an artist. My field experience in art therapy and psychology, specifically internships with human trafficking victims and psychiatric patients, gave strong influence to my work. My work is non-representational by nature, but derives from experiences regarding raw emotion, identity and the LGBTQ+ community, mental health, and memories. However, the foundation of my work is the expression of personal experiences with the intention of it’s viewer responding and interpreting it to their own extent and perception.

Currently, I am finding my path and exploring career opportunities related to fine arts and/or art education. At this time, I am still located in Columbus, OH and have studio space in 400 West Rich, and would love to meet you if you come to a Franklinton Friday event!

It is my joy to continue my work within my studies. I happily sell the work I have previously finished as well as accept commissions and/or specific requests. Feel free to take a look at my available paintings here. I additionally find displaying my work to be a crucial part of the artistic process, therefore, any opportunities regarding different shows or exhibitions will always interest me. To get in contact with me about these possibilities, you can simply email me at lydprakel@gmail.com or fill out the form below, which is directly sent to me as well.